Easy To Use

3 in 1

Mobile Sales Tool

Real Time Office allows you to see more customers and helps you change your estimate into a sales contract instantly.

Not giving your potential customer a reason to call someone else.



Easily Sell More

Show all your services and any products you use.

Produce on the spot prices for your jobs.

We know it will work for you!




Faster Way to do the paper work

As a business, time is money. Creating more estimates, sales contracts will increase your ability to succeed.

We will easily save you on an average 5 hours a week with paper work, with an overall

Average of 22 hours a month! 260 Hours a year…

What is YOUR time worth? $$$




Instantly Know Your Profit

No more guessing if you are making money or losing more than the job is worth.

Real Time allows you to know on the spot !




Give yourself and any employees More Flexibility

You have the ability to clearly see, and adjust your prices in Real Time to make the sale. 

Know your profit before you give prices to the customer!



Real Privacy

No One Sees your information because you do not need to log “online” to use Real Time Office!

Please ask rep for more details.



Stay Close to Your Customers

You now can give more attention to the customer to help close the sale and not worry about the paper work to do after a long day. 




No Commitments

Real Time Office has no early termination fees, 

No confusing prices. 

Unlike your wife or girlfriend, You Do not have to continue paying us if you decide to leave. 




Can do the heavy lifting for you, by ordering ANY distributors materials or parts from the system.  

You can have items ready for pick up or delivery.


Increased Sale

Especially Built For

Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians,

Painters, Landscapers

& More…


Exclusive For Microsoft® Windows® Tablets    



Why is Real Time Office® only available for Windows®?  You only need to have one device. You cannot do this with the other guys!

According to Dell, Windows®  is “the BEST operating system for business tablets.”

We agree. Your people shouldn’t lose any of their tools when they go from desktop to laptop to the tablet.

Only the Windows® Operating System offers the most  powerful functionality of a desktop PC on a tablet device such as the Microsoft Surface Pro.