Tablet vs 2 in 1 Laptops


 About buying a Tablet or 2 in 1 Laptop



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 Walking Around and Talking to the Customer

Measurements on site. Selecting services or products needed to do a job. Getting ready to have the customer sign?

Are these the kinds of activities you want to be carrying around a laptop or even a notebook to do?

A tablet or 2 in 1 will work great for you here.

Laptops,and tablets are very portability. Flat surfaces will become your mobile office.

Carrying a laptop around with you constantly so you can glance down at it or work from it while on the go is another story.

This is a time to consider a tablet instead. (possibly with an attachable keyboard)

Need A Mobile Sales System

For the mobile worker a tablet has become a vital new tool. And in this case it’s not the laptop or notebook the device is replacing.

In fact, it’s the traditional cash register. Real Time Office allows tablets to do so much more than take credit card payments and keep track of your sales.

When WiFi Is Not Available

Some tablets require a wireless cell network, for example 3G, 4G or 4G LTE. Which means more $$$ spent.

And if you can’t get a WiFi signal, you cannot use your tablet to connect or login into an app. So without WiFi, you will be out of luck.

Fortunately with Real Time Office you do not need a constant WiFi connection.

You can use ANY Windows 8 or 10 Tablets, Laptops.

Need To Do Lots of Typing

When you have to do a lot of typing, it can be to much to do it on a touchscreen. An attachable keyboard will help here.

Save the heavy typing for a standard 2 in 1 .  A tablet, with a click in keyboard should still allow you to get the job done.

Processing Power  =  Horse Power and Don’t Forget a Larger Screen

Smaller seven or eight inch tablet are not for business. Again do yourself a favor.

Buy a Tablet or laptop with more processing power and a bigger screen.

Minimum of 10.3″ and a good processor to make it easier for you.

Need a Tool Family Won’t Borrow!

If you want to avoid risking important business files inadvertently being deleted, or moved from your home screen by a “borrowing” family member, get a laptop.

(Or better yet, buy them their own tablet!)